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Thumbnail of General Events timeline. General Events Timeline
This interactive timeline shows the procession of events in the Connecticut Valley relating to the early days of the Transportation Revolution and looks at them in comparison to national themes and events.

Interactive Transport Map

Thumbnail of transport mapInteractive Transport Map
This interactive map shows the growth and decline of different cities along the Connecticut River over time, as well as highlighting regional transportation routes that developed between 1790 and 1860.


Railroad Map (1849)
This high-resolution railroad map of lines in New England and Eastern New York from 1849 allows you to zoom in to a fine level of detail and see connections between river transportation routes and the growth of the railroads.

Images: Drawings, Paintings, Cartoons


Drawn from collections, Including the South Hadley Historical Society and Springfield History Library & Archives, we have assembled an assortment of drawings, paintings, and cartoons relating to this turning point in commerce and transportation in the Connecticut River Valley.

Interactive timeline produced by the Center for Educational Software Development, UMass Amherst

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