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Additional details about images used in the online exhibits and throughout the Emerging America site are available on the Image Credits page. Links to the letters and other primary sources appear throughout the site, especially under “Story of the Steamboat Barnet.”. Or you may browse an annotated the list of all our primary sources grouped by type.

Through the rich set of primary and secondary resources on this site, visitors can follow the voyage of the Steamboat Barnet, the first steam-powered boat to pass the Enfield Rapids of the Connecticut River in 1826 and open up western New England to water-based transport of goods and people. Students and teachers will learn about this significant event in the Transportation Revolution through an examination of a variety of primary sources, including letters, published memoirs, speeches, drawings, paintings and newspaper advertisements. The Cast of Characters, an interactive timeline and interactive map will place these sources and events in the context of this dynamic time in U.S. History.

The Primary Source List

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This listing provides an annotated reference to each historical source on the site, organized in chronological order by type of source.

Explanation of Sources

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Details the significance of the primary and secondary sources and why we included what we did.

Through the preservation work done by the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History and the Springfield History Library & Archives in Springfield, Massachusetts, we are able to tell the story of the Steamboat Barnet and its role in the Transportation Revolution using a rich set of resources, both primary and secondary.

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